Wednesday, February 17, 2021

June 30- the July 2nd fledge of Parula warbler

June 30 , 4:14, the Female removes a fecal sac
a couple times I saw her bobble the sac but recover to re-catch it
chick looking out, 
Female Parula at nest
this was the only time I  saw her using a back door to the nest, suggesting that she was feeding a second chick, I saw only one fledge.
out going sac

 July 1, 4::11, Female Parula warbler at her nest
I do not tire easily of these arriving and leaving pics.

Sac out going July 2 1:45

The chick on the edge
Female parula incoming,  edge of nest getting Messi
She would often land nearby then make the delivery
Female Parula warbler, delivers
the launch into air
coming in with small green worm
the chick getting ready to go
the last delivery to the nest,  July 2,   3:03
3:04,  2020 Parula warbler, leaps from the nest does not fly.
the fledgling Parula walked to a nearby hydrangea, (ornamental in our door yard) and hopped aboard
fledgling Parula warbler, using blunt wings to scale trunk of Hydrangia bush
it burned itself in the foliage 
yet the feed kept comming
yet hunger persisted

the mother continued to gather food diligently

5:12, July 2,  they moved away from the nest area and I lost track of them.

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