Thursday, February 18, 2021

Redstart nest watch the second, June 21

June 21,  3:06


June 22, 8:54

the Male was way more involved than was the male Parula,

he did his share of foraging for the nestlings

and after he fed them he would sit on the edge of the nest and wait.

He would wait and Stand guard, until she came back

and off he went
she would feed them
and sometimes leave, without brooding the chicks
sometimes after feeding he waited just above the nest
he would hear her getting close and move off
female redstart feeding 
June 22, 10:20

removing fecal sac, I think, maybe its a white worm.
She was diligent
she might look the nest over and decide to brood for a bit

I did not see the male brood
He did sing from the nest,  I could hear two other males sining nearby so I guess he felt he had to maintain his sonic presence.
June 22, 12:24, 

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