Monday, September 1, 2014

Aug 7 2014, out to the 11 mile ridge, 4 species of shearwater, 3 species of whale, mottled sunfish

Aug 7 offshore trip with the crew from Matinicus Rock.
Minke whale, north of Wooden ball
Same Minke whale
Razorbill and chick
Matinicus Rock
not quite adult gannet
Wilson's petrel,
Gamming greater shearwater,  none north of Seal Island all summer and out beyond there are plenty of them
quite tame some of them
the little Manx
We saw a couple Leaches petrel fairly early and no more
Wilson's petrel were thick in places,
no picture but there were lots of harbor seals drifting along out there.
Wilson's Petrels
like I said thick in places
Then off in the distance east of the southern end of the ridge there they were
they were a ways off we would have missed them but for the breaching, 3 humpbaccks we follwed them for an hour or so,  5 minutes up and 5 minutes down, they were just lobbing along @2 knots when on the surface.
hang on this one looks familiar
there it is, (from the archives on Aug 6 2013) we saw the same whale in the same place
must go back next year.
Still there were shearwaters around when the whales were down
just like Maui county
they stayed close together mostly
We left them alone after an hour or so, we had miles to go, not sure if this one was waving goodbye or trying to frighten us off.
Cory's shearwater
Cory's,  we never used to see these up here.
big slow winged,  less stiff winged than the greater, more shearwaters are always nice

we saw three fin whales on the way in,  saw their spouts first, lost them quickly distracted by
even the fin was mottled
another wilsons petrel
Sooty with the Greater
Matoinicus Rock from the south, and head of thunder
It was a fine day, we saw some other stuff as well,  a couple of Jaegar and seals loads of seals drifting around out there. that was a surprise.

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