Tuesday, September 2, 2014

August 10th two trips to Seal

August 10th
Common Tern strafing ad eagle on Channel Rock
How can you tell when an eagle has been in the Cormorant colony?  all the cormorant young that are old enough are in the water or on the edge of the water ready to launch.  The Herring gulls were around longer this year so the attackers were distracted maybe long enough so that the cormorants might fledge some young.
Ivory Black-back back on Little Brimstone
the young cormorants on the barnacles, usually the double-crested have dark bellies but not always.
great days of Cormorants and Jaegars
I have this habit of trying to take pictures of the chase, sometimes i get cool pics but invariably I miss much of the action as I try to focus. I would discourage all you young birders from trying to photograph everything,  leave the camera home people,  you will see the birds better.
Pomarine? I think so,
wow that is bad, Manx and Puffins
I think this might be this years Murre,  not sure, the closest place they breed is Machias Seal @100 mile to the east. they are swelling this way if trends continue they will be breeding at Murre cove Seal Island before too many decades pass.
Gulls and Alcids feeding in the bay,  lots of fish,  happy days for fish eaters.
Red-necked Grebe, near Lanes Nubble

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