Tuesday, September 30, 2014

pictures from trip to Jericho bay Aug 26 great cormorant chick check

I wen to Jericho Bay to check on the two great Cormorant colonies over there.

nesting area empty cormorants down by the shore at Southern Mark SW corner
young eagle on the island
Cormorant colony on the east side of Southern Mark Isle au Haut beyond,  there were 8 Great Cormorant nests among about 100 double-crested cormorant nests at this site, in early June.
Young eagle above the nesting area east side, 

eagle on threebush Island
Brimstone ledge, empty cormorant nests

 I saw seven young great cormorant there had been 12 nests in early June.
great cormorant on Brimstone ledge
Great Cormorant Brimstone ledge
Trees retaking little spoon
there were 6 eagles around great spoon
Empty cormorant nests on the black horse
near the Big Brewster off the Western Ear

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