Tuesday, October 3, 2017

july 14, two trips to seal Island, am/pm

July 14 photos

Arctic tern

short neck,  long tail
Josh and Josh
josh and product
great cormorant colony on Seal Island
Large gc chicks in the nest.
Great Cormorant and Razorbills

common murre near the SW edge of this species breeding range.
Arctic or felonius Skua, aka Parasitic Jaegar,
I saw no jaegars last summer, not a one,  this was a great season for jaegars, this was about the first of summer the season.

eagles on yellow ledge
lots of fish in the bay,  much tern traffic feeding all those young birds on Seal Island,
Arctic tern with herring?
two year old puffin, dark cheek, and razorbills
yes the Tropic bird was there, what a bird!

tern escorting tropicbird

Big Shark!  saw this basking shark N of Three Fathom ledge.
This shark turned around and passed under the transom, we got a good look at the wide front end it looked to me like a big catfish
this fish was 20' longish
I saw another near the same area a couple days later, 
Razorbill and chick,
It appears that this loon may have pierced this flounder, I am not sure that was the case
Son of a gun
the doe known as black face, she had twins this year.

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