Friday, October 6, 2017

August 3, to Matinicus Rock, past Wooden Ball

August 3d,

 last years puffin

 Puffins ashore at Matinicus Rock,

 Sue leaning on the oars, the dorys name was Heal Me Carlos! Carlos Heal me! that week.
grey seal
 on the way in we went past the Nw shore of Wooden Ball,  near the current location of a Cormorant colony we saw a few Arctic terns, and Coco spotted this fledgling, the bird on the right, demonstrating that this small colony of about 8 pairs were not entirely unsuccessful, despite being on a very tough gull island.
 lots of Seals on Wooden ball, several hundred.
 White throated sparrow

 White-throat, parula approaching
 parula Warbler

 male parula aug 3
 Parula warbler bathing

White-throat barking at and displacing yellowthroat, yellowthroat leaping backward out of the pool.

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