Wednesday, October 4, 2017

july 22,

 morning dove birdbath.
 one surviving double-crested cormorant nest with chicks. next to abandoned platforms.
 Bonaparts gull in breeding, not very common out in the bay
 Gannet swimming away, common out in the bay
 felonius Skua chasing common tern, that was not unusual to see for several weeks this summer, always cool to see great flyers flying as hard as they can fly.
young night heron on Seal
 Some of seal Isalnds great Cormorants
 did I mention that Seal Island is the only viable colony of this species in the USA.

 Two young night herons
 Greater shearwater and Razorbill
 Greater, and Manx shearwaters
 From la mans start the manx is airborne quicker in light airs.
 greater still loosing speed through friction
the little manx and greater greater.

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