Wednesday, October 4, 2017

july 27 & 29, a harrier visits the tern colony

 July 27& 29,

 Wilson's petrel

 a three fish load, at least
 the research crew on Seal Island
it looks as if something has stirred up the terns
 i believe the count was @2200 pairs of terns nesting on Seal Island 2017
 there is the problem a young harrier

 this was the first day but there were harriers, or a harrier on the island for a while after this day

 there were two young harriers on the island this day

young harrier and arctic tern

 young harrier arctic tern behind

 I thought the terns would scare them off  but they kept sailing around, the peregrine attacked one of them as well and that didn't frighten them off either.  I guess over the days  they  or it spent on the island it did consume some young terns though it seemed oblivious to them when I saw it.
 Rudy turnstones, and a couple of Arctic terns.


 yes there were tern chasing jaegars in the bay

 blurry young one
same blurry young felonius skua

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