Sunday, November 19, 2017

August 4&5, some Maine island Mamals

August forth and fifth,

 red-backed vole living in the stone stairs in front of the porch
 not often still for long.  lots of predatory animals eat these:  shrikes,owls mink,harriers, kestrel, herons, gulls
 myrtle warbler
 white throated sparrow

 Dendroica coronada,  golden crowned warbler,
 Myrtle warbler bathing
 Red Squirrel,  the very spirit of industry, never hurries never rests.  el Ardilla roja
 all are welcome here.... you may drink this water but do stay out of the house.
 daughters of the prolific black faced Doe, known as Black-face
fawn, hackmatack, and hay-scented fern

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