Wednesday, November 29, 2017

August 9,10,11&13

 I picked up the crew of observers on Seal Island and took them to Rockland, saw this sunfish on the way.
coming into Rockland, Monroe island, and Owls Head.

Bufflehead off Owls head.

Sari Ann,  Peter Kass built boat

First summer bald eagle on Otter island.

This one was on Carvers Island I believe
these were on little Brimstone maybe,  there were fewer eagles on the Islands these last couple of summers,  there were always a few, I think this pair has been able to exclude the gangs of young who had been a feature of the Islands for the preceding decade or so. I am predisposed to think that may be because the resource, eiders and gull chicks, has been reduced by those years of many eagles, and so is less of a bonanza.  

great days at the birdbath, Yellowthroat?

Chickadee coming in

Tries to displace the Yellowthroat, but the yellowthroat is not going

just try to ignore each other

Felonius skua approaching Saddleback, there were hundreds of Terns roosting there Seal Island gang probably mostly, both Arctic and mostly common terns, lots of fledglings.
lots of traffic loaded with fish heading towards saddleback and many pirates pursuing that laden traffic.
Summer sunday at Brimstone.

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