Sunday, November 19, 2017

Aug 8, Tropic, Manx, more

Aug 8, pm trip to Seal Island.

 Great Cormorants of the year on Seal Island
 Seal Island Great Cormorants, the last in the US.
 Red-Billed Tropicbird
 the Tbird at Seal Island
 Sail on mighty Mr. Tbird
 mighty Minnamurra.
 Still Razorbills and young scattered around the bay, best year for them ever by a lot, based on number of individual young seen and for how long.
 Tern and Jaegar
 Jaegar and tern
 diminutive mr. Manx
 Manx shearwater sliding along, this day was when the record for Manx seen in a day eclipsed old high for a day again by a lot,  this day I saw about 30 Manx.
 this is a classy species.
 humble and elegant
 here passing what appears to be two adult Razos.
 one Sooty shearwater, Saddleback beyond
Two Crows in the harbor.

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