Thursday, November 30, 2017

August 20,

August 20,

Saddleback ledge
Parasitic Jaegars, aka arctic skua,
big wings and little head

light adult
Barred sub adult
common loon
I saw this hooded merganser near Brimstone,  I do not recall having seen this species quite so out in the bay as this bird.
off it went

Also three harlequin at Little Brimstone, on the left with some hen eiders,  I had seen one harlequin regularly here all summer.   Apparently  there were three in the area all summer.... they were not inseparable, meaning I saw one alone many times.
again little harlequin on the left
a few northern or red-necked or, thin-billed phalerope
and still there were young razorbills in the bay
still growing flight feathers
still following su padre
Arctic Skua, aka felonius Skua
you can tell when the pirate sees a prize as it exhibits impressive acceleration through the gears as does a big falcon.

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