Saturday, October 10, 2015

Aug 18, Vinalhaven, Stonington, Seal Island, minke whale, Sunfish, jaegers, Tropicbird

August 18, posted October 10,

Love Money Dreams, east side of Vinalhaven

Crotch Island, grout bank

Minke whale, between Isle au Haut and Seal Island
Minke Whale,
a couple of felonius skua,  aka parasitic Jaeger, or Arctic skua,  little bill, big wings,

white at the base of the primaries,
 Something in the water,

Sunfish, mola mola, a big one.

Female grey seal, Seal Island.

This years great Cormorants, and hen eider.

Comb jellys there were lots of them out there some days

Arctic and common terns
Common terns and seaside goldenrod
We watched a young guillemot launch itself,
out from under a rock onto the rolling sea

This trip was in the afternoon in hopes of seeing the Tropicbird and he showed up.
This was the last day that I saw the bird, though it was seen at the island on Aug 24, last seen the 25th last year.

We saw more jaegers on the way in chasing terns.
Great flying 
It is always a thrill to see this flying competition.

A sooty shearwater flew by as I was taking pictures of the jargers and just happened to get in the picture.
We also saw a couple of manx shearwater, I think we saw a couple of greater shearwater as well.

Another sunfish this one smaller about 3 feet across, the other was 5 or 6'

East side of Vinalhaven,

The next few days it was fog, late august fog spell for several days, luckily it waited until after today,

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