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Sept 8, Chaffing shark and White sided Dolphins

Sept 8,   posted Oct 12


what I think was a mackerel shark chaffing on log.
Dorsal fin and tail, you can see it has worn itself thin at the base of the fin.

Scratching under the pectoral fin as well.
Dorsal fin worn raw.

Andrew south of Seal Island

we saw someting in the water off under some gannets


maybe 150?, cruzing along, 7 knots or so.
We were lucky enough to cross their trail a few miles south of Seal Island, they were headed Southwest.

Flora thought that they might like to ride our bow wave, but SKUA doesn't have much of one she slides well, so they had little to work with.
White-sided Dolphins Seal Island beyond

They do seem to be a cheerful and exuberant lot,  Wooden ball behind.

We sailed along right amongst them, they seemed not to mind us tagging along.

Flora took some of these I think she took this one,  nice one Flora.

Flora took this one,

they do seem as if they are enjoying each others company.

Seal Island Keenan, was aboard, 

White-sided dolphins, South of Woodenball

Matinicus Rock with dolphins

 White-sided Dolphins off Matinicus Rock

white-sided dolphins south of Matinicus Rock,

White-sided dolphins passing Matinicus rock

What?,  I got lots more from this day I will put up

I have many more to post too many , some of the best ones on the next post or two.

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