Sunday, October 11, 2015

August 29, Great Cormorant survey and ride to MDR

August 29, Great Cormorant survey, revisit the two sites they breed in Jericho bay, and a ride out to Mount Desert Rock.  posted Oct. 12

Southern Mark, double crested cormorant colony, all birds in the water.

Why all the cormorants are in the water, all these eagles are hard on the cormorants.

The cormorant nest area on the eastern shore all the birds are near the water, there were 8 great Cormorant nests here this year I saw no young Great Cormorants at the island.
I did see a few of this years fledgling great Cormorant at saddleback, there is one on the left, with an adult great Cormorant and a young double-crested cormorant and black-back and herring gull.

Here is another of this years fledgling great cormorant on the right with the white belly, the rest look like double-crested cormorant, and a fledgling herring gull top right,
Brimstone ledge, these were the only cormorant left on the ledge, there had been @20 pairs 1/2 great.
they like to stay at the nest area for a long time, (those at Seal Island were still at the nest area on this date) and their absence indicates that eagles have disturbed this colony too.
I did see another young Great cormorant of the year, at Mason Ledge, probably from Brimstone.

So there were a few Great Cormorant raised by the 17 pairs nesting at two sites in Jericho bay, but both colonies were disturbed by eagles and only a few fledglings were seen.

Gannets, long Island, MDI.

  I got some photos of red phalerope this day as well, I must have posted those on the 27th

Mount Desert Rock,
It looks as if the boathouse could use some upkeep.

Grey Seals MDR ledge.

I saw three black terns sail by as I was leaving MDR.
coming from marshland breeding grounds.

There were quite a few Greater Shearwater between MDR and three fathom ledge,
I got under some gannets between three fathom ledge and Vinalhaven, in good evening light.

Seal Island from the East
Heron neck
Heron neck again.
We generally get some wicked half decent sunsets in August.

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