Friday, October 2, 2015

August 17 afternoon trip to Seal Island. Harelquin, Tropicbird, Phalerope

Aug 17 afternoon trip to Seal Island,

Adult great Cormorant at Little Roberts, with black-backs and herring gull.

 This Harlequin was still at Little Roberts but seems to be a young male now.

Northern, or red-necked Phalerope,  Pico fino en espanyol.

red-necked phalerope
Red-necked Phalerope.

the tropicbird showed up

what a handsome craft,

El tropical escorted by a young tern

We slipped over to Three Fathom and were passed on the way by this Cory's shearwater,

Formerly we did not see this species in the area, for the past few years there have been some in the area.

Rudy turnstones at Seal Island

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