Thursday, October 22, 2015

More photos of Dolphins and skuas, September 8, '15, posted Oct 22

I think this is where I left off,  a pack of White-sided Dolphins cruzing past Matinicus Rock, Sept 8

White sided dolphins Criehaven, beyond

Aloha Matinicus Rock.

there were gannets following along and shearwaters too, there were gannets feeding along the way all of the time we were with the pack.

 there were Greater shearwater attracted to the action,

White-sided Dolphin and Greater shearwater.

 gannet diving and a young black-back passing.
the Dolphins spread out and slowed down, apparently distracted by something good to eat for a short while, before heading off SW again.
here is our plotter on 24 mile range, with the trail, when we turned around at 1:00, you can see where our trail departed the usual heading. Matinicus rock being the feature above the red lines on the middle of the screen.

Greater shearwater and White-sided dolphin.


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