Saturday, October 10, 2015

Aug 24, Red Palerope pictures.

August 24, posted Oct. 10,
A few warblers and Phalerope

 Black and white warbler, both eyes

myrtle warbler

Great and double-crested cormorants, Little Roberts'

Great and DC corm.
this was a good late August for red phalerope, or grey as they are known in Briton,
Red phalerope,

Red phalerope,
Some reddish still.
Red phalerope North of Seal Island.
red phalerope, for a week or so I saw quite a few of them out there.

Another red phalerope,  it was a good year for Northern phalerope, or red-necked as well.

 Red or Grey Phalerope,

red-necked or Northern phalerope.
Sherri and Alex

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