Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Early September 2016, Posted early May 2017

A few from September 2016, posted May '17

 I just wanted to post a few more from last summer before it was too late.

 Bluegray Gnatcatcher Sept 3, Green's Island
We don't get many of these in Penobscot Bay,  

 This years Guillemot,  spooge pool Seal Island
 two Solitary Sandpiper, also at Seal Island, there had been a buff breasted there the day before, seen by Stacey and Frank.
one might find a Peregrine at Seal Island any day of the year, mid to late September early October one is likely to see several

 Peregrine takeoff,

 here is a look at the long hands of a 2016 model laughing gull
 skinny little head, remind you of anything?  sometimes a laughing gull against the light has a jaegaresque,  (skua like, (arctic skua like not great skua like)) especially if your are jaegaring for jaegars.

I believe that Jaegars (Skuas), used to be in the family Laridae, Gulls, I think they have been split from there by taxonomists, doubtless because they are so cool.  I think we should move Laughing gulls into the jaegar family, to see if they get along.

 there are Porpoise
 can see eye of Madre
 fin of Hija
 there were these two, dogfighting over Otter Island
 Kestrel and Harrier,  not really dogfighting, the Harrier was just sailing along minding its own mind, it was the Kestrel that was the aggressor.
 back on Green's it was the warbler that was the aggressor in this case

 apparently, to facilitate consumption, the victim required some anesthesia
 here provided by the predator by beating the victim against a limb, repeatedly.

maybe the caterpillar, that became black and white warbler this afternoon, will become Merlin this evening.

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