Thursday, May 25, 2017

May 13, black&white warbler, May 16 chestnut-sided, May 17, chestnut-sided, Wilsons, Myrtle, yelowthroat, Parula

May 13 Black&white warbler,
 Black & White warbler in a white spruce

 it stayed and foraged on the same trunk for a spell, seems it took a liken to the tree.
Chickadee  after deliberately dis arming this arthropod it found crossing this stump

 May 16, chestnut sided, in birch

 May 17,  wilson's warbler in birch
 Chestnut sided in poplar

 Myrtle in popple

 Chest-nut sided eating fly? caught on poplar

 chestnut-sided warbler among young poplar leaves

 Yelowthroat on rotten spruce trunk, with blackberry canes
 Parula on red elder
 Wilson's warbler in birch
 this is a modest sensible songbird from the northern forests, not sure what is Canadian national bird but this could be a canandidate, though as migrant may disqualify,

 Wilsons warbler in Cherry tree
Myrtle Birch

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