Wednesday, May 31, 2017

May 30 Seal Island, Red-billed Tropicbird Harlequin duck

May 30th, trip to Seal Island, in the afternoon.

Some of the birds seen:
Bald eagle, gannet, great Cormorant, black guillemot, eider, white-winged scoter, parasitic Jaegar (felonius skua),  Red-billed tropicbird, common murre, Arctic tern, common tern, surf scoter, red-breasted merganser, crow, raven, song sparrow, harlequin duck.

 We saw this gannet on the way out he seemed a bit out of it, blurry not at its best
 this parasitic jaegar was setting on a pitching log and needed to raise its wings at times to keep its balance and that is what we saw as we went past

 The great cormorant colony at Seal Island, the majority of the Great cormorants nesting in the united states.

 Earl, Will and Claire, and  the famous Red-billed Tropic Bird
 back from a winter away, the Tbird was energetic, flying around the eastern bite for 25 minutes or so, he did not set on the water.

 some bird!


 two eider, two Harlequin


 Eagle on Otter, there should be more as duckling season opens soon
Seals Hauled out on Roberts' Heron Neck beyond.

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