Monday, May 15, 2017

May 12, Timberdoodle chicks, a few from a trip to Matinicus Rock

May 12,   I ran across some woodcock on the way to the shore

 the adult flushed away from the trail and I found three chicks.

 I am not sure if they were the same as seen before, but the size seemed about right for a 4 day old woodcock maybe, the head patterns on the hatchlings seemed distinguishable, but these photos don't show that pattern well enough to compare with those on the smaller chicks, maybe these were the same ones I'm not sure
 To Matinicus Rock:  I took the team down to Matinicus rock the 12th, we were lucky it was nice and calm.

below razorbills flying past gull rock 
 Raft of razorbills there were several murre in there too.
 There are puffins,  we only saw one Arctic tern, there will be more soon, also ashore were two eagles, two peregrine, veery, olive backed thrush,

 Seals at Wooden ball Island, both grey and harbor seals, greys seen here. I also saw a Peregrine on
Wooden ball.

I counted 280 adult male eider on the NW shore of Wooden ball,

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